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Congratulations to Cole Hutchison and Lee Michael Bassie for achieving their Eagle Scout!!!!!

Congratulations to Will Floyd, a 7th grader, for winning the Bayou Academy Geography Bee and now has a chance to compete at the state level!!!!!

Jillian Sbravati is currently in Ms. Marquis’ Computer Application class. The class was given the assignment to run their own business from the ground-up. Jillian Sbravati decided to create “Tech World”. She presented her Power Point presentation on the business using Excel spreadsheets, slides, and pictures that she made in Paint. Jillian explained the business profits over a period of four months using charts and spreadsheets. The next assignments for the class was to create a computer for the future. Using today’s specs, each student had to create his/her own computer for the year 2050. Jillian created “Tech World’s first Solar Powered Computer. She did not stop there with her design on paper but went home to talk to her father. Jillian came back to school after working with her dad to create a “Solar Powered Laptop Computer” and showed it her computer to the classroom.  She explains in the following video where her ideas came from and how she created this laptop. My computer class wanted to share this with the school. 
Click Here to see her video---> Jillian's Video
The 2014-2015 school year will be the 50th anniversary of Bayou Academy.  See the FLYER on the Academic pages on the website!!  If you have any ideas, suggestions or special memories that you would like to share with us, please email Melody Salley at melodysalley@hotmail.com or Sammye Ann Montesi Short at shortlinetoheatlh@gmail.com

BCU offers $15,000 in scholarships to 10 high school seniors across the United States.  Parker Hudson, a 2014 graduate of Bayou Academy,  was a recipient and is attending THE University of Mississippi!! 

Did you know that K3 - 12 Grade classrooms have Smart Boards in them. We will be showing classrooms throughout the next few months. Click here to see them.
Smart Board Lessons-Jr. High Lit
Smart Board Lesson - Adv. Computer

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