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Bayou Lady Colts track team are JV District Champs, Varsity District Champs, AAA North State Champs and NOW AAA State Runner Up!!!!!  Congratulations to Sydney Davis, Laila Byas, Mary Scott Lofton, Mary Ansley Chrestman, Gracie Crowe, Madison Jenkins, Cham Davis, Erin Herbison, Caroline Hendon, Reilly Kate Lack, Gracie Starnes, Hannah Claire Kovac, Ashlyn Cummins, and Madison Kitchings,   

Sydney Davis, a 9th grader,  broke 2 STATE records at the State Track Meet:  1st place in the 100 meter and 300 meter hurdles!  CONGRATULATIONS!

We have STATE MILE RELAY CHAMPS: Sydney Davis 9th grade), Laila Byas (9th grade), Mary Ansley Chrestman (8th grade) and Mary Scott Lofton (9th grade)!!!!!  AWESOME JOB!

Bayou Academy's new robotics laboratory is a huge first step in providing high school students exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.  The techniques and skills learned in a robotics laboratory will give students an indispensable advantage should they choose to focus their studies on a STEM-related field at the collegiate level.

Abby Bassie, a BA alum, graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Biological Engineering with an emphasis on Environmental Engineering.  She is now pursuing her Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  She is employed by the Department of Defense at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She has had 3 publications!!!!  

Congratulations to Ashlyn Cummins for being named Youth of the Year and awarded a scholarship through Exchange Club of Cleveland.  Ashlyn will advance to district competition, and ultimately, have an opportunity to compete for National Youth of the Year Award.  

Congratulations to Jillian Sbravati for being honored with the A.C.E. Award and scholarship through Exchange Club of Cleveland.  Jillian has the opportunity to compete for the district competition and hopefully the National A.C.E. Award.

Congratulations to Tristan Moseley for being named Youth of the Month and awarded a scholarship through Exchange Club of Cleveland.

Congratulations to Bayou seniors, Chrissy Tubbs, Tristan Moseley, Kailyn Lofton, and Hallee Pinkerton for being named to the Bolivar County Academic All-Star Team.  Each year, the Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland and The Bolivar Commercial select  those seniors in the community who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, leadership, initiative, and community service; three of those nominated are then chosen to receive scholarship money.  This year, Chrissy Tubbs won first prize and Tristan Moseley was third!!   

The following students participated in the State Science Fair in Jackson:

Elementary:  Ava Cosue, Seph Correro, Mason Dreher, Thomas Craft (1st place) & Hannah Bassie (3rd place).

High School:  Allie Bell, Gracie Ray, Autum Smith & Erin Wilson.

Our Crosstie Art Winners are:  

Elementary:  Sailor Davis (K4) 2nd place; Addison Peeples (K5) 2nd place & Anniston Thomas (6th grade) 2nd place.

High School:  Austin Tuttle (8th grade) 2nd place; Olivia Price (10th grade) 2nd place & Mackenzie Mallette (11th grade) 3rd place.

Bayou's Journalism class are news broadcasters!! Click on the microphones on the JOURNALISM page under  "Clubs & Organizations"!!!!

Anna Marlow received a full scholarship from MDCC as an Ambassador!!!!

Patsy Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Naron and Joey Herbison delivered bibles to all the teachers for their classroom!!

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