Community Service Club

Sponsor: Claire Condon Marquis

The Bayou Academy Community Service Club is an organization that was started in 1996 by Claire Condon Marquis. We started out with 12 girls in this club and it soon grew to around 60 students. This club provides service work for the school, Cleveland area, as well as out of State.  

Some of our events include:
  • School wide Haunted House
  • Halloween Carnival
  • Working in the concession stand during Bayou Academy games
  • Decorating the windows for the nursing homes during holidays
  • Helping the Parton’s League when needed
  • Helping with “Grandparent’s Night” in the elementary
  • Can food drive
  • Decorating the trees at the hospital
  • Friends of the Library – Cleveland Library
  • Taking up donations for the “Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” each year
  • Helping the animal shelter
    • the club is ready to take up donations for the animal shelter throughout the school year
    • Worked many Saturdays to help clean the shelter
  • “Adopt an Angel” for Christmas has been a success for many years
    • Each student buys a gift for a needy child and wraps it up
  • Toy drives during the Christmas holiday for needy children
  • Donating time and supplies to do crafts at the local nursing homes
  • Brings various animals to the nursing home for “Pet Therapy”
    • We started our “Pet Therapy” in 2001 as a means to bring happiness to the residents of the nursing homes. Some of the residents miss their pets after moving to the nursing homes. The residents enjoy looking, petting, as well as holding the animals.
  • Organizing any fund raisers after a disaster
    • Hurricane Katarina (we worked many hours in the shelters)
    • Sandy Hook (sent 13 boxes of supplies to the school)
    • Helping families burned out of the homes with supplies and clothes

Upcoming Events
11th Grade Members

Mackenzie Mallette Gracie Ray
Bryce Chenault Tanner Tidmore
Hannah Claire Kovac Erin Wilson
Kayleigh Lindsey Lillie Thornton
Anna Grace Quinton Madison Barr
Autum Smith Faith Jenkins
Brianna Britt Stanley Buford
Ethan Sandifer Collins Tabb
Sam Capps Jacob Mosco
Frank Proctor Joanna Aguzzi
Brooke Fleming Matty Jones
Bryan Taylor

12th Grade Members

Hallee Pinkerton Kailyn Lofton
Laura Lee Grittman Leslie Cole
Ashlyn Cummins


Tristan Moseley  Timothy Steadman
Parker McNeer Jillian Sbravati
Logan Clark Tate Bell
Tayden Burrrell Anna Marlow
Chrissy Tubbs Adyson Starnes
Jack Haynes Lauren Lamb
Matthew Rogers

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